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AuroraCoderz Extreme RefBack

Start rewarding your downlines for their clicks with minimal effort. Not looking to pay people but you would still like an easy to use site lister script? Turn off registration and that is exactly what this script becomes.

Check It Out!

Mostly Open Source Code

Provides you with the freedom to make all the customizations you desire to your site - seriously, only 3 pages are encrypted.

A Solid Base

With free script support if you find bugs + an owners forum exclusively for AuroraCoderz owners. Your license is lifetime and based on domain, not owner, you are free to sell your site with this script on it. Yes, you can feel safe buying from us.

Security Is Vital

So we secured user inputs, put in an option to automatically block hack attempts and added the latest in captcha technology to the pages that matter most - all set up directly in admin.

User Options

Member based refback site or ptc lister site? It is completely your decision how you use this script - turning off user options is as simple as unchecking a box in your admin panel settings.

Full Bootstrap Integration

Any Bootstrap theme can be easily coded for your site, inner pages automatically updating with multiple default templates included to provide coding examples.

Monetize Your Traffic

SolveMedia is fully integrated and included in the contact, registration, and login forms. Use the code rotator to effortlessly add 3rd party services such as adhitz.

Referral Options

Give your members a cash bonus for referring new signups, credit your members for their downline clicks or turn off referral tools entirely, we left it in your hands.

Stop Building That Other Guy

Why waste time and money promoting individual sites you will never own and that fail to pay you PTP? Start promoting your own domain now and you will still have something to show for your efforts when that site you are promoting goes scam!

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